Setting a goal: folly or fortune?

Blaze Runners


Last year we completed our first and so far only Marathon.  We choose to do the Rome marathon because we were pretty certain we wouldn’t bump into anyone who knew us as we were both a wee bit concerned about our ability to finish.  And it was a good excuse to go to Rome again.  We went with our friend Izzy a mega seasoned marathon runner who showed us the ropes.

We did complete the marathon successfully and it gave us a great confidence boost. We followed it up with the Coll half marathon in August.   However over the course of the past six months we have fallen into a bit of a running slump.  We have still been running most days but not going much beyond 5 – 8 km but it has become a bit of chore rather than fun, like last years hell when we were out training in blizzards and driving rain!


After a good few minutes of thought we have made the decision to start running for a goal and have signed up for four races over the space of one month (ish).  This involves three half marathons and one 15 mile trail race.  In between Falda is also in a team for the Geneva relay marathon!!!

Now that we have entered them all it turns out running four big races in a few weeks is actually more daunting that just doing the one, perhaps we should have considered this over a few days rather than a few minutes.  Anyway we are going to run for charity this time as well.

We will be raising money for the Vine Trust, more info can be found here

but basically we want to raise enough money to foot the cost of a house or two for those in need.

We have also encouraged Blaze Manufacturing Solutions, a fire and safety company based in Laurencekirk to be our main sponsor, which is amazing- you can check out the work they do here

Keep checking into our blog to get updates on the money we raise along with our training journey and top tips on how to stay motivated even on the wettest and windiest Scottish days of running.

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