Thank you already…

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored us  – we are really delighted and amazed at the generosity. The donations have given us something of a reality check and maybe a wee bit of apprehension.  Nothing out of hand though, although mum was up at six this morning getting ready for her run.  She couldn’t sleep because she imagined she had a sore knee (well she does have a little knee niggle) and decided to get her run over with early.  So if you saw her running around Laurencekirk at 6.30 am at zero degrees just view it as her demonstration of commitment not idiocy.  Incidentally she ran past Blaze twice sporting her cosy Blaze hat but nobody was about to see her.

When I am in Edinburgh during the week it’s quite difficult to fit in my runs and this week I couldn’t at all as I didn’t take the right shoes so had to make do with walks instead.  However I did manage to get round some of my work colleagues and secured a good amount of sponsorship – next week I am going to blitz them!  I was especially pleased already with a donation from a great contact I have within the Scottish construction industry which so well matches the work of the Vine Trust in Tanzania and Peru building TAWREF houses for example.  You can find out what a TWAREF house is here.

We are also waiting for some free samples of food bars to arrive so we can review how they work for us when we are training.  We will keep you posted.

You can sponsor us here .

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