Week one…



One week in and we are bravely talking performance and endurance!

Our first week of training for our four half marathons in a month challenge on behalf of the Vine Trust and sponsored by Blaze Manufacturing has been successfully completed and we have raised over £500 – a third of the way to our target.  Many thanks to everyone for their donations so far.

This week we will extend our longest run and gradually up the distance overall for the week.  It would be good to up the pace a bit but not sure we are on track for that yet   And because we are doing the Balmoral 15 miles it would be a good idea to do some hilly runs.  But then we also have to consider if we need trail running shoes.


We can increase strength and endurance by working on our core and one of the best exercises for this is the basic plank.

Susan has also lost 3lbs in the last week – not intentionally but very happily – just by eating lots of bean and lentil soups and huge portions of sweet potato chips which provides heaps of energy rich nutrients.  Last year when we completed our marathon we put on weight because we made the rookie mistake of fuelling up on pasta and Hobnobs.  We were definitely comfort eating especially on cold miserable days.

Lentil salad

Falda has received some free samples of ‘protein top ups’ from Graze to try and out and we’ll let you know how this helps performance –we are not elite athletes so I wouldn’t hold your breath though for a significant difference!


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