Trail shoes or not?


Falda Breakfast

We are into our third week of training now ( you can sponsor our challenge here) with our longest run so far eight miles.  Apart from some windy and chilly runs all is going well.   But we are still undecided about trail shoes – do we really need them?


We both attended the Children in Scotland conference this week where the motion was passed that Scotland needed a specific children’s food policy. It was appalling to learn that in the 6th wealthiest developed country in the world there are more than a quarter of a million children going to school hungry every day! Added to that Scotland also has a shocking and increasing rise in obesity and malnutrition costing our health service £5.8 Billion every year.  This is totally crazy for a country that has such an abundance of home grown sustainable produce.


Despite that we are happy plant eating runners we could hardly believe it when a school meals service delivery manager noted that his local authority had to buy their chickens for school meals from abroad because they couldn’t afford to buy Scottish produce!


It is clear to us that plant based eating is the healthiest, most sustainable, nutritious and affordable way to eat.  Mum is still eating plenty of sweet potato fries while I am enjoying lots of soy yoghurt nuts and blueberries.  Mum also has some iron tablets and claims they are helping with her breathing but perhaps she is just getting fitter.


We would love to hear from you, what do you think of the blog so far and what would you like to hear about?

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