Eat to live or live to eat?


This week I took a trip to the Edinburgh Fudge Kitchen (checkout their dairy free range here), they make the most delicious dairy free fudges and I picked up a box of four slabs, two made with coconut milk and two traditional flavours which use soya

It’s true I don’t always eat salads, fruit and nuts!

 But I do always try to take care in what I choose to eat. I aim to eat healthy and sustainable foods, something I know is important for our communities and our planet.  I also eat to fuel my body for running because I quickly realised the better I ate the better I felt and consequently my run are more enjoyable.

So I guess “I eat to live” and “I live to eat”.  Anyone who has had a meal with me will know- I can eat A LOT.  Usually a lot of good stuff and sometimes something more in line with the Edinburgh Fudge Kitchen fudge.

We recently attended a conference all about Scotland becoming a good food nation, a country where we eat local, sustainable food that fuels our bodies.  This is something we feel strongly about.  At the moment poor diet costs Scotland £5.8 billion a year – an enormous sum!  So although I enjoy eating lots of food I also make sure I am conscious eater. I am conscious of the impact my eating and drinking habits have on the environment, on my body, and on our health care system.  It is my body and it is my responsibility to use it and fuel it right.


Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss

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