Am I a runner?


For as long as I can remember my mum has gone through phases or running and then not running so much.  But she has always owned a pair of running shoes some running gear and she has always followed other runners.  At the moment she seems pretty keen on Dr Andrew Murray for inspiration.

However, when I asked her she said she has never felt that she is a ‘runner’ she has run yes, she runs a lot yes, she takes part in races yes.  So why doesn’t she see herself as a runner and more to the point why up until recently have I not seen myself as a runner?

I have always felt more of  a wannabe runner.  Perhaps it’s my lack of expensive gear (until I invested some money into decent stuff),  perhaps some unimpressive split times, perhaps because we didn’t keep going to an athletics club with all those ‘proper’ club runners.

Whatever the reason I now understand that the only thing that makes a runner a runner is that a runner simply runs regardless of distance and time.

Here is a great Scottish initiative that started off in a primary school in Stirling – a bunch of primary kids and their teachers running a mile every day that is really inspiring fitness for life.

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