Hills, hills and more hills


That’s the second of our challenges done to raise funds for the Vine Trust and we anticipate that it will have been the most challenging of the four. The Balmoral 15 mile Glacier Run was hard but I really enjoyed it. I ran with a guy who was an ultra runner and it really helped me to keep up a decent pace. The hills were not quite as bad as I had anticipated. Mum and I had practised on quite steep inclines thinking it would be more Munro steep than land rover tracks so that was a nice surprise.

However mum was a wee bit disappointed by her time – she said faffing around with her Ipod trying to listen to A podcast  was a distraction and some of the stoney ground was pretty sore underfoot. However she only fell once and not as badly as last week! The weather was great compared to the snow runners experienced on Saturday for the 5k and 10K runs and the views spectacular.


This week we are off to Mallaig on the west coast for our third challenge. It will be about a five hour drive so we are staying overnight. Mum is not too happy about the mixed sex hostel dorm we are staying in but hey you have to do what you have to do.

My Nutribullet broke at the weekend, I hope the company are happy to replace it – I haven’t really used it much but I have loved my smoothies in the morning over the past few weeks and it’s really easy to use. Let me know how you are getting on with smoothies and what your favourite recipes are.

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