The Road to the Isles,magnificent…and hilly


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We loved the t-shirts too 🙂


The Road to the Isles half marathon on Saturday was definitely the most difficult of our runs so far.  Described as “challenging” it was, to my mind and absolutely as far as mum was concerned much more challenging that the Balmoral 15 mile run last week.  But maybe we were not in the right humour.  Anyway I was still pleased with my time and if I hadn’t stopped in a public toilet to pee I might even have achieved a medal (I came 4th woman overall and might have made into the top three if I hadn’t taken a comfort stop) but nature always comes first.


One thing for sure was the amazing scenery and the weather was good despite that we started the run at Beasdale station in a torrential downpour.  Was it worth the journey from the east coast to the west coast for a couple of hours running – without a doubt and the unseasonably bad weather just made the journey more dramatic and beautiful – go Scotland!  


In the last two weeks we have completed two half marathons, one fifteen mile run and climbed three Munro’s – I think we are doing pretty well.


I’m off to Geneva at the weekend to run in the Geneva relay marathon with a team. I’ll let you know how I get on.  Either way I’m looking forward to the hot spas afterwards.  Hopefully this weekend will give mum a chance to rest up before our next half marathon.


The following week is the last of our four half marathons to raise funds for the Vine Trust and you can still sponsor us here…onwards and forwards.

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