Mum’s skippin’ to the beat…



After our running challenge mum was literally out of breath.  Having fallen over quite often and also pulling an intercostal muscle taking a breath was a sore effort.  Pretty much mum was sick and tired of running.  However she knew from experience the feeling would pass and meanwhile she didn’t want to lose fitness.  So enter skipping.

 Skipping is a great way to keep up aerobic fitness and strengthen.  Mum has incorporated a tabata/hiit routine which is fun and still challenging.  She warms up with a four minute routine: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, repeated eight times.   This was followed by three cycles of 40 seconds on, ten seconds rest x eight. 


After a few days of focusing on coordination (she hadn’t skipped since she was a girl!) this proved a fun and quick way to keep up her training.

Mum is also focusing on stretching for running and is trying out yoga sequences for flexibility and strength as she feels that being a “wee bit older” it might be a wise move for overall body mobility.  I will keep you posted on her progress…

 P.S  she has finally found Spotify and is skippin’ to the beat of 80’s radio!

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