Being fit and healthy IS my priority…

If you follow me on instagram  you will know that I try and keep active every day.  Even on rest days I try to get out on a long walk – or play a sport for fun rather than my normal running or workout.  People often ask me ‘how do you have the time?’ or say ‘but I don’t have the time to keep as healthy as you’.  This week I was even asked if I had time for a love life.

At the moment I see lots of bloggers who say that for them being healthy is not their number one priority.  Well, I have other priorities; work, family and friends just like anyone else.   But I would have to say that practising a healthy lifestyle makes me happy and is therefore one of the most IMPORTANT things I do.  Not because I want abs like Ruby Rose and Beyonce legs (although that’s nice too) but because being healthy and happy is a long term goal because  it positively affects all the other areas of my life – particularly in my relationships with the people I love.

And, I do have the time.  Just like a lot of the people I follow I do work five days a week and I do have a love life – in fact I have just celebrated my first wedding anniversary with my incredible husband.  I am lucky that my husband, brother, sister, parents and friends enjoy sports and enjoy being outside and like me see the huge importance of being healthy.  Having a fit well nourished body should be priority for everyone in a society where more and more people are dying from obesity related diseases.  So if you think keeping strong and healthy and happy is not a priority think again.  

During an active family holiday 🙂

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