Is feeding young kids with vegetables just a fad?

I thought that a Scottish radio phone in the other day was a joke – but no it was for real!  The topic: is feeding vegetables to babies just another fad?

I can imagine my mum over in sunny Spain having an apoplectic fit when she hears this one.  My mum and dad spent significant time and energy feeding me and my two siblings mashed up vegetables and ensuring we had a balanced diet.  And guess what – we just couldn’t’ have been healthier.

Mum tells me we were happy, bouncy full of energy youngsters and apparently I walked up my first Munro around the age of four.  The only problem at the time was she thought we had to have milk and yogurt and cheese to get our protein.

Based on the scientific research of lots experts in the field of nutrition she ditched this idea and is also now fully plant based.   Neither me or mum are scientists however and we think it best if readers seek peer reviewed evidence rather than just take our word that we don’t need to eat animals for protein.

One of the sources I use for inspiration and to check facts in an easily digestible way is through plant based ultra marathon runner Rich Roll.  In his podcasts he interviews really inspirational folk and a range of professionals including scientists who put the science and the protein issue to bed.

I also swear by the healthy approach of Dr Furhman who sites many, many sources in his book Eat to Live.  You could also try and have a squint at The China Study by Dr Colin T Campbell a great resource and he was one of the excellent interviewees on Rich Roll’s podcast.

Finally and for fun and inspiration checkout The Happy Pear over in Ireland, Mum just came across them and I thinks they are a great pair.  If you want a real giggle listen to Rich Roll’s podcast when he interviews them.

Some books to check out:

The China Study

Eat To Live



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