Don’t take it out on me…


Not that long ago I overheard a work colleague complaining that she thought I was too thin and did too much exercise and not eating meat was the reason that I was unhealthy AND that and she felt sorry for any children that I might have!

Now keep in mind that each day I work out for about 16 mins and try to run between three and five miles I don’t think I am over extending myself.  Of course if I am training for a marathon or half marathon I run a lot longer maybe twice a week and with more intensity once a week.

If anyone is interested I getting some inspiration  from Doc Andrew Murray just now- Check him out here.

Now the point here is that this woman (sorry ladies but it always seems to be a woman!) is really overweight.  She doesn’t exorcise, her legs get sore!  Her children are also overweight.  I have only ever seen them eat finger foods like crisps and drink sugar laden fizzy drinks.

So I asked myself “I wonder how her lifestyle is working out for her?”

It’s not hard to answer.  She is unhealthy and comes across as equally unhappy.  I think my happiness and health adds to those feelings and rather than tackle the problems she has she instead finds fault with me.  It is a shame that she doesn’t have a system to help her, that would allow her to embrace change and transform her into the happy person I know she could be.

And just for the record I also get down and fed up. Sometimes a 6 am workout is the last thing I want to do.  Sometimes I want to sit  in my pyjamas and eat processed foods.   But overall, I am a very happy and healthy person.


4 thoughts on “Don’t take it out on me…

  1. So sorry you had to hear the trash talk! For the record I think you look beautifully healthy. There seems to be a backlash at the minute against ‘healthy living’ etc., which in my view seems to be stemming from peoples’ own insecurities 😒😒😒


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