How tiresome…

I had a great weekend on a photo shoot that I hope will show my followers the fun and health of plant based living.

It was just slightly marred last evening when I watched a BBC documentary that highlighted a woman telling her audience that eating cadbury’s chocolate was good for you and plant based “diets” were a fad and people like Ella Woodward, whose cookbooks I treasure were unhealthy and promoted eating disorders.

Really?  When was it that the BBC allowed skewed and scientifically dubious rants airplay without challenging such assertions by offering the other side of the story?

Why are we still listening to folk who don’t practice good health, care little for the environment and don’t seem to understand the negative moral, social and economic aspect of meat eating?


I would never suggest that carbohydrates should be left out of a diet nor that you should avoid a whole food group.  I might not eat cheese and milk but I know to ensure I have even better sources of calcium and vitamin D.   Of course we need a balanced diet and a great deal of care needs to be taken to achieve this.  But that is the case whether you are a meat eater or not.

I think the rise in obesity, diabetes and other related illnesses as a result of fizzy drinks and sugar and fat laden choices should be of far more concern than taking a slice out of people living a healthy and “balanced” lifestyle.

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