Weight loss is a consequence of living well not it’s sole purpose…


One of the biggest burdens I have been freed from during my practice of living well over the past three years is that my weight has stabilised.

I’m no longer consumed by checking the scales every morning which is  just as well because I am fairly sure that the stronger I have become the slightly more I weigh.  In the past that would have totally put me in a negative tailspin.

Any increase of weight would inevitably have me on a severe calorie restriction blast which would in turn affect my mental state – mostly on account of the fact that I didn’t have the nutrients or glucose I needed for brain function and certainly not for sensible physical activity.

As I swayed from eating too much to too little my food choices ranged from poor to mega poor.  I ate processed foods albeit they were vegan but donuts can be vegan too!

Nowadays I am far more interested in keeping my body tip top so I can use it to do the other things I enjoy.  A healthy, strong body at a decent weight means, for example, I can enjoy climbing mountains in Scotland and run outdoors and enjoy amazing scenery.

It also means I can use my body as a highly sustainable transport system to get me to and from work – is it not crazy that folk drive a car a couple of miles to get to work because they are too unfit to walk?

How important is glucose for brain function?  Try this article for more information.

One thought on “Weight loss is a consequence of living well not it’s sole purpose…

  1. Hi! I enjoyed this post. I am on a get fitter journey as well and can relate to this post. I have just got over the getting on the scale everyday and being disappointed. I have dropped 4 dress sizes but the number on the scale hasn’t changed because I have muscles now. I am a newbie at blogging and I will be writing about my fitness journey starting today. Hope you have a great day!


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