Sunshine and Snoozing…


This week I am on holiday visiting my mum in Spain up in the Andalusian hills north of Malaga.  It is so hot we have to do our, very hilly run first thing through the olive groves.  

The great thing about an early run is that we are ready for the beach before 9am with lots of spray factor 40 on to protect against the sun. Check out this vegan friendly sun cream.


A couple of hours of sun was enough so we left the beach by 11 am, just in time for cool drinks, followed by a lunch of super salads and warm French bread and then home for an afternoon siesta – perfect.

To keep hydrated we have been drinking cool water with lemon, orange and mint added.

I decided this afternoon to be a professional photographer  with my  new Nikon Camera but between the heat and lack of skill I opted for a snooze instead.


To see more snaps of my holiday check me out on Intsagram.


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