Plant-based eating is affordable…


Very often I hear the objection to eating plant foods and especially fruit and vegetables, that it is so expensive.

Well I just can’t agree with that. Of course you can make buying anything expensive if you want the most packaging, the most shiney and the most out of season.


However if you want taste and nutrition then it is quite easy and affordable to purchase large quantities of vegetables. And although fruit seems more expensive you don’t need quite as much of it.

I mostly eat large salads with a variety of beans mixed in and a great dressing. I also stick to spinach rather than salad leaf because it is more nutritious so a “bigger bang for your buck”.


While it might not be possible to visit a daily fresh market like the amazing Atarazanas Market in Malaga you can, for sure, get to a low cost supermarket for a range of locally produced produce. So now what is your excuse

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