Consistency and the three P’s…


To get real results whether it be weight loss, increased speed, flexibility or learning the piano you need to be mindful of, as mum calls them, the three P’s: patience, persistence and practice. The three P’s lead to consistency and consistency over time will get results.

Patience: you are not going to see results straight away and therefore you need to be tolerant and kick out thoughts of annoyance because you are not achieving in a week what in reality could take some months (or if learning piano some many years!)

Persistence: think doggedness, resolve and determination. Keeping going despite the difficulties. You will get stronger and faster and you will feel better, lose weight and become lighter in mood. You just have to keep going.

Practice: remember the 10,000 hour rule to achieve mastery in a field! Well I’m not aiming for mastery but a lot of practice will certainly ensure success. Practice your cooking skills, practice your running form or swim stroke. Go to a class, read widely, search out new ideas. Practice your new style living all the time and you will see sustainable improvements in anything you choose to do.

Persevere with the three P’s and you will achieve consistent and sustainable change.


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