“Moderation is the key” – really?

I don’t think many a recovering alcoholic or drug addict would agree with this cliche. And it doesn’t work for me either. “Balance in life” for me is a much better and realistic aim.

Three years ago I weighed 20 lbs less but I felt my life was 20 lbs heavier. I barely exercised, I hardly rested, I ate poorly, my relationships were unhealthy and ultimately I ended up with a severe infection and in intensive care for eight days.

That was scary. Now I try to follow these simple rules to keep mentally and physically tip top:


Eat well: I consistently eat a plant based ethical diet. I know I am giving my body the full range of nutrients it needs to function at it’s best and I love the feeling of eating as naturally as possible.

Daily activity: I like to run and I do HIIT. BUT NOT to the extent of exhaustion. If I don’t feel up to a hard run I am relaxed to jog or walk or try a fun sport like tennis with a friend instead.


Don’t try to do everything at once: I used to take on too much at a time and didn’t do my best at anything. Now I prioritise what is important at a moment in time and I don’t worry about the rest.

Mindset: I am happiest when I am efficient and organised. I plan meals, shopping and appointments. The rest of the time I can enjoy being relaxed and unstressed.


The unexpected is going to happen: A family crisis, upsets at work, a late train…anything can unexpectedly turn up and push you off balance but now I can accept the unexpected so i’m rarely thrown off my stride.

Positive mental attitude: I am optimistic and excited by each day, even on days when not so much fun happens, I look to make good choices and negativity a good thumping!


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