Happy Birthday Mum!!


It’s mum’s birthday today and she has just signed up for her first half marathon in Spain – and it’s next week! It is great that she can make that decision and complete that sort of distance without months of training at the age of 51. It is all because she keeps herself healthy and fit with daily runs of five or six miles along with longer runs of eight to 12 miles every couple of weeks.

Mum also does regular yoga and body strengthening. But she feels the most important aspect of her lifestyle is her plant based diet. Like me she can eat a lot but it is all good stuff packed with nutrients. She also makes a daily tea with turmeric and grates the root freshly into her stews and salads.


Mum’s main meal of the day is her huge salad. She normally combines beans (a different type each day) with spinach, tomatoes, grated carrots, cucumber, red peppers a spoonful of crushed nuts and seeds and then adds a balsamic vinegar, garlic and mustard dressing.

For breakfast her favourite is half an avocado on a slice of toast and in the evening she will cook up a small portion of rice, quinoa or couscous with some more beans in a tomato sauce or with a lentil dhal

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Mum argues that if you consistently eat well you will consistently feel well!

Proving this to be true for herself mum set out to prove that her diet could work for others and experimented on her friend Mark who needed to shed a few pounds.

Mark travelled to Spain and stayed with her for three weeks. Eating mum’s plant based meals and never feeling hungry, over the course of his stay Mark lost a whopping 24lbs and left energised and motivated to lose the same again!

We are looking forward to Mark guest posting his experience in the coming weeks and telling us how much better he feels with his new diet and zest for life.

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