Because I can…


Motivation as far as I am concerned is the desire to do something or achieve something.  We know simple desire can achieve huge amounts whether it is training for an ultra marathon or starting your own business. But I think you also have to mix in a good dollop of bravery as well.

Achieving a goal of any sort usually means that something in your life has to change.  And we all know that change can be scary which is where the notion of being brave to cope with the change comes from.

Writing down your goals, visualising success and repeating mantras are techniques that some people teach to help with motivation.  But for me there has to be something more and that is having the right mindset to begin with.

I am motivated to achieve well over a long time and I am quite happy if the thing I want to achieve is difficult as the challenge to achieve that thing is even more motivating.  Training for distance running for example is a long game but the sense of achievement when I completed my first marathon was so great I knew immediately that I wanted to keep challenging myself by running faster, stronger and longer.

Me and Mum after a Half Marathon 

I don’t think I have always thought this way however.  Like most people I was motivated more to avoid failure and unrealistic goals.

For example when I was younger I wanted to be super slim and wear the most fashionable clothes and have a super model like life style and naturally loads of money…  To achieve that I forced myself to barely eat and excessively exercise.  I did not achieve supermodel status,  I just made myself sick.

20lbs lighter and still not happy!

People ask me these days how it is possible to stay so fit and slim and keep to my plant based healthy lifestyle.  They ask as if it is a burden and an impossibility for them to equally achieve.  The thing that they are missing in their thinking is that they can because I can!
As soon as you desire the promise of pleasure and happiness from living a healthy lifestyle more than the sludge of inactivity and biscuits and pastries you won’t have any difficulty with motivation.

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