Is it time to get tough…


I have always thought that the best way to encourage folk to a healthier and more meaningful life was to gently explain facts and trust that their sense and judgement would eventually win through.  However after a week of listening to ignorance of folk I know and especially on social media I wonder if it is time to turn up the heat a little.  

People, if you think the mass production and then the mass destruction of animals in outrageously cruel and environmentally unfriendly conditions is in anyway acceptable you need a knock on the head.

The ethical argument against causing such suffering to any other species in itself SHOULD be sufficient for you to be mindful of what you are putting into your mouth, how it got on your plate in the first place and what it is doing to your body and society at large.

Your thought processes are half cooked if you can’t recognise and adhere to the significant science based findings that have demonstrated the cost to us all.  We cannot afford the wanton “growing”, transportation and slaughtering of animals and the effects this has on our Earth and societies.

To be blunt we just can’t afford you to eat meat the way you are doing nor your attitudes that go along with it.  Take just your own health and ask yourself this; “Am I healthy?”  Well i’m afraid the answer for a growing number of folk is: “No you are not’

If you are an overweight, weak muscled individual it’s likely that you are eating pigs and cows, plumped up turkeys and lice infused fish.  All of which are pumped full of a cocktail of antibiotics and growth hormones.  That is what you are putting into your own body!  Are you mad?  Why are you so devoid of the ability to make reasoned judgement over your own basic needs?

And while you are doing this you scoff at healthy vegans, plant based eaters who radiate vitality and ooze well-being and contentment.  As we say in Scotland “yer aff yer heid!”  And frankly we shouldn’t let people get away with it.

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