What would my Great Grandmother say…


I am happy standing at 5ft 11”.  If I gain a few pounds it doesn’t much show.  On the other hand if I drop too low I look a bit “stringy” or as more usually described  “lean”.  But I’m not sure how I would feel if I was nearer the 5ft mark.  It’s pretty difficult to stay looking lean at that height and a few pounds definitely shows up.

Photographs of my great grandmother and great, great grandmother on my mum’s side show some hardy North East of Scotland woman standing tall at about 4ft 11”.  They were fit and strong from hard working lives but were pretty wide looking as well!

Not that I think they were very bothered about their shape and weight.  That’s a luxury that we can only indulge in today and only because we come from a prosperous developed country.  

60 years ago and beyond folk were mostly just struggling to get by, with food rationing on the way out and the NHS just in the way in.

How is it possible that we have become so tied up in knots over looks and weight and health?  We have so many technologies, choices and options… such ease of living and yet we just seem to have messed it all up.  

Without significant global agreement and intervention we will continue to compromise the sustainability of the Earth’s resources and in tandem some of us seem to be eating ourselves to death, others are malnourished and still more are starving!

My grandmothers from the past would be astonished at the opportunities we are flushing away and I think they would take a pretty harsh view of our behaviours and attitudes.  

I just can’t imagine that folk who lived before we had a free NHS would be able to understand our practice of throwing away our health by for example, consuming vast unhealthy quantities of food and drink and then expecting the rest of us to pick up the tab for their health care through taxes.
Mind you sometimes I have a chuckle at imagining them running a half marathon! The thought that they would have the time or inclination to waste energy on such pastimes is pretty grounding!

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