What do I eat in a day?

Lots of people ask me for a meal plan, or what i eat in a day – so here is my food diary from one day last week.

Breakfast: I pretty much have the same breakfast everyday – porridge made with almond milk and I add a small squirt of Agave and frozen berries. Last week I had frozen summer fruits.

If I have time I like to have a green smoothie with this – with kale, spinach, lemon, berries, apple and ice.

I also make a pot of coffee first thing in the morning!

Mid-morning snack:  small box of almonds and walnuts and and two handfuls of grapes.  I try and stick to around 30g of mixed nuts which, at 180 calories and on the high side for a snack provides me with really good fats, protein and a pile of micronutrients as well.  

Lunch:  Today I went to Wee Mexico, a mexican takeaway place next to my work.  They make a huge portion of vegan nachos which I love and which is really filling.

Dinner:  Two baked potatoes with homemade hummus, onion and tomato salad, green beans and kale chips.

Evening snack: A few almonds, an apple and leftover home made kale chips.

Drinks: I had in total two cups of black coffee and lots of water – about two litres (I like freshly squeezed lemon or lime in my water).
And that’s it!

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