For the avoidance of doubt – If someone, anyone is adding to the destruction of our planet then it is my business.

Recently I feel myself becoming more and more disillusioned by people who argue against the benefits of veganism.

My facebook feed is filled with so called “eco warriors” who blame car emissions and lack of care when recycling for the destruction of the planet.  Yet these same people eat meat, daily.

They  refuse to acknowledge the huge body of literature and science based research that backs up veganism as not only an ethical proposition but a socially just, environmentally friendly and without a shadow of doubt the healthiest way on which to base food choices.

Economically veganism makes sense and by embracing this lifestyle,  getting your mindset to want it as well as need it you will by default be choosing to protect our earth and care for each other.

I have been told that it is none of my business how other people choose to eat.  But it is, of course it is!  We share our planet and all the resources it provides to us.  The harm some practices have such as the way the meat and dairy industry operate compromises us all.

The blatant hypocrisy especially from folk who have the capability to arm themselves with facts leaves me at times both fed up and despondent.

If the completely unnecessary  suffering of animals wasn’t reason enough for you to become vegan, if the health of you and your children is not a good enough reason to curb your habits surely the speed of the destruction of OUR earth’s resources should be?

I suppose that eventually what will happen as we reach a point of crisis, a tipping point, is that governments across the world will simply legislate, using taxpayers money, to stop the behaviours that thinking people should be able to curb themselves.   The Chinese government has targeted plans to reduce meat intake by 50% over the coming years – clearly understanding something that most in the west don’t.

Please rethink what’s on your plate.  There is no need to eat meat or consume dairy products and it is literally killing you!

And if you don’t believe me why not check out what the UN has reported or WHO, cardiac consultants or just do your own research – there are some links at the bottom to get you started.

If you deny the effect that the meat industry has on the planet you are rejecting science and if you reject modern science on this issue I can only assume we are returning to the Dark Ages!

And for those who will respond to this post by claiming I am a pushy vegan and it’s none of my business what you eat – If you are adding to the destruction of our planet it is my business!

For more information on how the planet is being ruined by meat a dairy check out these sources:


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