For easy running – don’t skimp on the shoes…


I don’t know why I have been so reluctant to change my running shoes.  My feet have been sore for ages especially on longer runs.  But because I hadn’t worn them out I didn’t think I could justify another pair.  Anyway I am off to spend a week with mum with the intention that we do some long runs in the hills.  

Thinking it through I didn’t think I could face eight or nine miles a day with the shoes I have.  ALso mum wants to do 18 miles as she intends to complete a marathon at the beginning of December and I am down for one just before Christmas.  

So it seemed a good opportunity to just go to my local Run4it and get properly fitted.  The guys were great and I came away with a pair of Saucony Guide 9’s  The next day I ran thirteen miles no bother and for the first time in ages with no pain.  I didn’t even need my compression socks.

So the moral of the story is – get a decent  pair of shoes that fit properly !

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