My top tips for keeping healthy on holiday

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From the minute I finish my last day of work before a week’s holiday I usually go into relaxation mode – eating, drinking and generally being merry.  However, on return from a week away I often feel grouchy, bloated and spotty from sugar overload. So last week when I visited mum in Spain I followed these top tips to still have a great time while keeping up with health and fitness.

As mum and I have been training for December marathons we made sure that my week with her included some long hot runs and some shorter very hilly ones.  While I didn’t stick to my usual workouts I knew I was getting a lot of exercise in, and anyway a change is as good as a rest – so some folk say anyway!

My top tips for keeping on track, on holiday:

  1. HYDRATE: I start each day with a big glass of icy water to make sure I don’t get dehydrated in warmer weather AND it helps if you have had a couple of holiday beers the night before!
  2. EAT BREAKFAST: At home I eat the same breakfast at the same time almost every day.  It starts my day well and stops me overeating halfway through the morning – so I just carried on with the same on holiday.
  3. EAT LOCAL: Weekly markets in Spain make it easy to pick up locally grown fruit and veg and easy to incorporate into our meals.  A great way to feel fresh and nourished.
  4. DON’T EAT JUST TO EAT: this is my biggest mistake: sometimes I eat rubbish food because it’s in front of me and I’m on holiday (not when I’m with mum though!).  My top tip is to stick to eating only when I’m hungry and only eating things I actually enjoy.
  5. RELAX: If you are anything like me you are looking forward to a much needed break, use this time to wind down, relax, enjoy tasty food and see new sights – if you stay relaxed a healthy holiday will come naturally.

I would love to hear your top tips for keeping on track on holiday.  E-mail in to falda or use #falda eats on instagram or twitter


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