Why do you eat meat?

We vegan’s get a lot of flack from meat eaters who claim that we are pushy and judgemental.

Well, to be honest I am a bit pushy about promoting animal welfare, the consequences of poor diet and of course what we are doing to our environment.  And yes I am a little judgemental about the general lack of care and bad behaviour by those around me who don’t care about these things.   

So what, I am human as well as vegan and I am allowed to feel frustrated and sometimes downright angry over issues that are seriously close to my heart!

But here’s the rub.  I don’t spend all that much time carping on at folk to change their behaviours as I don’t think it a particularly effective way to encourage change.  BUT,  I am constantly asked curious questions about veganism and very often I am on the receiving end of accusations, head shakes and claims that my diet is unhealthy!  I have noticed that many of  my accusers are generally overweight and inactive people!  

Here are a selection of the more “nicely put” questions.

  • “Why are you vegan?”
  • “Where do you get your protein?”
  • “Do you think your diet has something to do with you getting the common cold?”
  • “But bacon!”
  • “You can’t be fit and healthy on a vegan diet”
  • “Being Vegan doesn’t make you better than me”

Considering that all these questions and oh, so many more have been answered by science and good old common sense I won’t dwell on them for too long.  

First of all I am vegan because I don’t  want to be involved in the unnecessary suffering of my fellow creatures.


I get my protein from a whole range of sustainable and healthier sources than a meat eater that includes: beans, lentils, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  

Being vegan does not make me more susceptible to illness.  However just as with meat eaters, vegans, vegetarian or paleo, not eating well, doing little exercise and generally not looking after oneself will very possibly make you more susceptible to illness.  

Bacon – well if you are really reduced to continuing to eat a meat filled diet because you like the taste of bacon then perhaps you should seek some help – you are literally the reason for the unnecessary torture of pigs – sentient animals with more intelligence than cats, dogs and some children.  

Here’s me and my Vegan Mum-Multiple half marathon and full marathon runners!

For the fit and healthy thing – not only do I maintain a healthy fit body,  I run long distances up to marathons, workout 5-6 times a week and eat a well balanced diet full of deliciously, colourful greenness.  

Finally, I am one of three siblings raised as vegetarian and we have all became vegan in recent years – we are all tall, fit and strong.   

Here’s me and my little sister- super healthy and super strong!

Am I a better citizen, well yes I am!  As a vegan I have a reduced carbon footprint, my good health will overall reduce my NHS bill and I am not responsible for the slaughter of sentient beings.

Now, tell me – Why are you not vegan?

  • Does the increasing threat to our planet not concern your conscious?
  • Are you happy to be the reason animals suffer?
  • Are you really ignorant of your increased risk of heart problems, cancers, diabetes and  immunity to antibiotics?
  • Does bacon taste that good? If human flesh was so tasty would you eat that too?

So, before you ask a vegan why they have chosen an ETHICAL lifestyle, please stop and ask yourself why you have not.

The team at Falda_Eats

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