Big Announcement…

It has been a wee while since I last posted.  And I have great news that has preoccupied me for the past 15 weeks!

I am going to have a baby, due early August.  I am so excited, have been pretty unwell with morning sickness but that seems to have passed and now I am totally energized and raring to go.

It’s the happiest news ever for my husband and myself and delighted to share with all our friends.

My focus as you can imagine is to ensure that I keep well and active, full of nutrients and enjoy this fabulous experience.

Vegan pregnancy and vegan babies – YES!  And so far no one has mentioned my diet in a negative way – so I think the message is really getting out there – you don’t need meat or dairy in your diet and you need to keep a really good hold on healthy foods.

In the past weeks, when I have felt pretty nauseous, I have been really reliant on green smoothies and lots of fruit – very luckily it just seems to be what I crave!

I will keep you posted with my on going baby news!

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