My motto – keep it simple!


Being pregnant is really sharpening my focus on healthy eating, not just while I am pregnant but how I can sustain this focus when the baby comes.  I know I won’t have as much time to focus just on me because I anticipate that the “wee one”  will take up a considerable amount of my attention and energy however I am determined to maintain my good healthy practices as easily as possible.

So I have created a very simple guide for my daily diet below.    This gives me a nutrient stuffed base of 1300 calories and I top that up to 1800 with additional snacks of either nuts, popcorn, toast and jam or anything else I crave. And on days I run I add a second portion of grains.  My motto – keep it simple!

These numbers are approx

Daily base 1300 calories Calories Protien gms
avocado 320 4
100g beans (red, pinto, chickpeas etc 310 18
30g nuts and seeds 200 4.5
100g wild rice, quinoa etc 310 15
1 kg veg + fruit 200 3
Totals 1340 44.5

As many readers know I have been popping over to Malaga from time to time in the past year to visit mum.  I come back every time healthier and refreshed and usually with weight loss which I don’t even notice happening (although not now I’m pregnant).  This is because of mum’s amazing nutrient dense, plant based meals and the walks and runs we enjoy together.

Now you can enjoy a vegan or wellness holiday organised by mum in the Andalucian hills north of Malaga as well!  These are luxury, all inclusive retreats (just like my stays with her!) with airport transfers, all meals, massage and daily yoga.  There are also workshops and one-to-one sessions with therapist Nicola McNally on the Wellness Weeks.


You can also tailor a week to suit the needs of groups.  For example if you want to focus on learning about plant based nutrient eating that is sustainable for the long term, mum will run workshops  where you will learn about nutrition and how to make simple menus.  You will also develop a six week plan to carry on with.  AND daily yoga and massage are thrown in as well!  To find out more visit Art and Activity Holidays, Andalucia, Spain


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