I attended a wonderful wedding on Saturday with Andrew and Lithy.  It was totally vegan and the food was amazing.  The company was fantastic and we had a superb time celebrating.  Thank you Teresa and David and congratulations once again on what I am sure will be a marvellous journey together.  

I was rereading some newspaper articles about the increasing prevalence of mental health in children and young people.  In one article the graphic that went along with it showed a picture of prescribed pills.

I am no longer a child but, being under 25, I am still technically classed as a young person.  As such, I feel both sad and frustrated at the myriad of reports that seem to consistently give advice from mental health professionals that ignore the issue of nutrition as part of the solution.

If, as parents say here, that children in mental health hospitals are not improving, why don’t we make a focus on what they are putting into their bodies?

When I was younger I had, like many young girls, body confidence issues to the point that I was much too thin and dangerously low in body weight. Mum suggested that I focus not on calories but on nutrition.  She made it acceptable for me to eat very little, but what I did eat had to be fully nutritious.

On that basis I was freed of calorie counting and could stuff myself with the nourishment that I needed for my body and importantly my brain to function well.  Over a short while I began to make better choices because – I slept better, thought better and I had loads more energy.

I am not a mental health professional but surely we should focus on the evidence and collaboration in research that what we eat significantly affects how we think?

Read more on Mum’s blog, this week she is talking about how to put nutrient eating into practice!

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