As an animal lover do you have a clear conscience?

I certainly do not LOVE all animals.  Quite frankly dogs (other than my own ) have always really irritated me.  I don’t find fish particularly interesting and going on safari certainly isn’t top of my bucket list.

I will never be able to claim my LOVE of all animals.  However I respect them all.   I don’t think I am better or more deserving than them and I do not hold some strange idea that they were put here to serve me whether in food, clothing or entertainment.

Yet, I am constantly told by relatives, friends and sometimes even new acquaintances that they LOVE animals SO much.  When I haven’t mirrored this expression of love I even been accused of being ‘cold’ (from a meat eater no less).

This is surprising to me.  Other than my immediate family (Mum, siblings and husband) and a few friends, the majority of people I interact with are not vegans.  In fact, none of my vegan friends or family have ever told me that they are ‘animal lovers’ .

It’s surprising because someone who chooses (and yes, in Britain it is a choice) to eat meat and dairy is literally paying for the suffering and death of that animal. Loving with clear conscience – duh!

Not only do these people choose to consume products, well aware of the cruelty involved they will  also be well aware that there are NO health benefits from animal consumption.  Indeed study after study show that the opposite is true.

So, as you can imagine, I am confused how you can claim to ‘love all animals’ when you choose, daily, to contribute to their ongoing suffering.

So, PLEASE, unless you’re following a plant based diet don’t tell me that you’re an animal lover otherwise you are going to give me nightmares thinking about how you treat things you don’t love.


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