Mum has a makeover…

Mum had a fantastic day with Kimberley in the Spanish sun having a make-over. Anyone who knows mum, knows this is not a usual happening for her but she really enjoyed it and she loved the product line Younique.  
Sarah, Kimberly’s friend is a Younique presenter and did the duo their fab makeovers, pointing out the flaws in mum’s non existent face protection regime in the sun.
Mum liked the concept of the Younique company which aims to empower women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents giving real help and support and hope for their futures
Not only is Younique an empowering direct sales company, with a low entry fee, it pays good commission, the products are, mum understands,  largely vegan  and from mums own admission “the make up feels really good”.
So if you are interested in the products or becoming a representative get in touch directly with Sarah on facebook.
I think both mum and Kimberley were looking pretty good before their makeover but what stunners they were after – thanks to Sarah and her great products!

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