A new low…

There simply cannot be an excuse for demanding that women who have been raped prove that they have been raped AND have to name the child that results from that rape – before they can qualify for social benefits.

This rule appears to apply to only the third child in a family.  So if the first two are also a result of rape they don’t need to be named and get benefits without any proof of rape or otherwise!

At five and half months pregnant with my first child it is beyond my comprehension how the woman who has been raped must feel being vilified and humiliated at the very time when they should feel special and nurtured despite what may be dreadful circumstances.

Children, however they come about are your future and mine – all of them.  They are going to be looking after our ever increasing unhealthy and ageing population, paying their taxes into the social fund, expected to go to war if required…

And yet they will have the yoke of how they were conceived around their necks all their lives and their mothers and fathers degraded by society.

And let’s not forget that a child conceived by rape will be a matter of public record. Rape is a criminal offence.  Will officials be under obligation to report such criminal activity to the police?

What an ill thought out can of worms.

Seriously, what are our politicians thinking about?

What are we all thinking about allowing this to happen?

If this further example of Tory greed and hypocrisy, letting down OUR poor and vulnerable doesn’t bind us together with strong resolution to end unfairness and inequality in our society what on earth will?

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