What is it that offends you?

Last week, someone criticised a meal I prepared for my sister and husband.  We had bought the new Linda McCartney burgers which apparently taste like the ‘real thing’.  I  cannot comment because as a lifelong vegetarian turned vegan I have never tried the ‘real thing’

The criticism was a misunderstanding of why a vegan might seek out meat substitutes.  I find I am explaining this more often than should be necessary to carnivores.  I am not a vegan because I don’t like the taste of animal products.  I am a vegan because I do not believe my taste preferences should contribute to the suffering of animals or the planet.

Not only did this person not understand why I would  use a meat substitute, it tastes good, DUH!  But they  also felt using a substitute as ‘gross’.

I’m really not sure what is more disgusting about a plant based burger or other substitute which is usually made from soy, mushrooms or lentils than literally eating the rotten flesh of a once living and thinking being.

In Peter Singer’s words:

“The plucked and dressed bodies of the chickens will then be sold to millions of families who will gnaw on their bones without pausing for an instant to think that they are eating the dead body of a once living creature, or to ask what was done to that creature in order to enable them to buy and eat its body.”  

So, what is it that offends you about a vegan enjoying the substitute taste and not the torture?

Think about it.

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