My changing body…

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed my body changing through pregnancy.

At 25 weeks I am definitely feeling very pregnant which is lovely.  Over the past two weeks I have grown very quickly and all of a sudden my clothes don’t seem to fit, not even the oversized ones!  This big change however still leaves me bursting with health and happiness and that really does beat having a six pack and fitting into my size six skinnies any day.

Of course, I am looking forward to getting my fitness back up once the baby has arrived and of course I have been keeping up my exercises while pregnant through regular runs, walks, gentle workouts and pregnancy yoga classes.

Here are my top tips for embracing a changing baby body:

  1. STAY COMFORTABLE – style can wait, make sure that the clothes you are wearing make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  At the moment I am living in tapered trousers and these are giving me enough room and comfort to lounge around the flat, go for a long walk and spend a long day at work.  This week I also made a few ASOS maternity purchases and I have to say I have NEVER been so comfortable.
  2. STAY HYDRATED – I have been so thirsty over the past few weeks and have made it my mission not to let myself get too thirsty – hydration keeps me awake and energised, it also stops me overheating.
  3. KEEP ACTIVE – this is really important even if it is just a ten minute walk.   This is key for baby’s health, your health and managing weight gain.  For me it also keeps my head stress free and happy.  
  4. NOURISH YOUR BODY – My rule here is to make sure I get all my fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts in before I snack on other things.  Starting my day with a green smoothie has helped me do this easily.
  5. ENJOY – this week I am more consciously enjoying my time preparing for the baby, spending time with my husband and friends and relaxing, reading a book in the bath or listening to a new record with Andrew.  This is my first pregnancy and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

You can follow my pregnancy fitness over on instagram!

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