A hard but wonderful week…

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have been super busy.  Mum is back from Spain which is lovely.  Lithy has been staying with us for the past three weeks which means I have my favourite walking, talking and watching buddy by my side.  And I am in the final few weeks of my degree (PHEW).

Mums Home!!!

It has also been a really difficult few weeks – sometimes it’s ok to feel really teary and overwhelmed especially at almost seven months pregnant!

Reasons last week was hard:

  1. Until Friday night I had not slept more than two hours consecutively for around 6 days (something which apparently affects almost 80% of pregnant woman!)
  2. I have just two weeks until exams and less than one week until my extended assignment is due – not a lot of time!
  3. Work was a struggle due to all of the above.
  4. Everything makes me teary (mostly because of the lack of sleep)
Hello Third Trimester!

Reasons last week was blooming fabulous:

  1. Officially in my third trimester it’s now under 11 weeks until my due date!!  Lack of sleep for a healthy happy baby is a super small price to pay.
  2. 4th year is almost finished and (hopefully) I will soon graduate.
  3. Despite the tiredness  I managed work – no bother!
  4. Most of the week was spent with my wonderful husband and sister.
  5. Another week running regularly done – despite thinking I was going to give up at around 18 weeks.
  6. Monday was my  two year wedding anniversary – the most wonderful two years.
  7. We finally picked a pram which I can use for running too (thanks mum!)
  8. My Nutri Bullet broke so I bought a brand new Nutri Ninja!!
Two years married to the most wonderful guy 🙂

My happy and healthy green juice of the week:

2 Celery Sticks


Juice of one Lemon

½ Grapefruit

1 Frozen avocado


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