Still running….

I have just passed the 30 week mark and with only 10 weeks until my due date I am pleased to still be getting out on regular runs (around 4 times a week).  When I found out I was pregnant I thought running would be out the window and replaced by other lower impact activities.  However, after my first midwife appointment in the new year she was happy I had not only kept up my running but had actually run a marathon early on in the pregnancy.    The advice I have been given is to stop running when my body tells me too; if I become uncomfortable or too tired or even if I just really don’t want to!


Exercising in pregnancy is great for me  because it is keeping me fit and active while giving me lots of happy endorphins and stress relief.  But, not everyone loves running as much as me and while some women can run a marathon at almost full term (this is definitely not me) others struggle with a mile at a time.  Finding an activity suitable for you is what’s important.

Check out the NHS guide on exercising during pregnancy.  

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