Nutri Ninja Review…


What? Nutri Ninja Pro Complete

Why? After three years my Nutri Bullet, gave out- it kept leaking, stopping and giving me the occasional electric shock.  I had heard good things about Nutri Ninja and at only £39.95 I decided to try!

Well? I didn’t think I could love another blender quite as much as my Nutri Bullet, but the Nutri Ninja did not disappoint.  All my smoothies have been super smoothe and with no leakage.  My favourite part is that it blends all my frozen fruit and vegetables perfectly – something my Nutri Bullet had stopped doing in its old age! The only thing I am not so keen on is the noise- this model is very loud, so loud my cat leaves the room – so i’m not sure how the baby will react!!  But, overall, If you are like me and love getting all your greens in one quick smoothie and don’t mind the noise then I would definitely recommend a Nutri Ninja.

Ninja Nutri Pro Complete Personal Blender 900W – BL470UK – Silver

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