Wedding GLOW

Every bride wants to GLOW on their wedding day.  I certainly did and even though I didn’t have much time to get ready (just seven months!).  I wasn’t about to mess up having a great time because I didn’t feel or look as good as I could.

My strategy was not great however.   Basically I trained for the Rome marathon, and had a misguided view that I could eat loads of pasta because I was “running it off” and more.  After the marathon I still had eight weeks to go before the big day and I panicked and didn’t make too many good eating choices and also I had turned myself off running!

What I really needed was a properly thought out “wedding fit” plan in place, for my eating AND for my exercise on the lead up to my big day.  I would have been way less stressed and a great deal healthier.


Falda_Eats is teaming up with Weddings Andalucia just for that purpose.  Brides to be can sign up for a luxury, all inclusive holiday to Andalucia, Spain for a full week that will kick start their “Wedding Fit” plan. They will have 1:1 personal trainer consultation and develop a healthy nutrition plan as well.  That’s in amongst a whole lot of activity, beauty stuff, yoga and massage.

If you can’t get to Spain, let me know and we  can arrange the same here in “sunny” Scotland.

This package is exactly what I would have liked to have in place before my wedding and it’s exactly what I am going to have in place after the baby is born – no messing about!

AND don’t forget mum’s, mum’s in law, sisters, bridesmaids – I wanted everyone I love to feel great for my wedding – this would be a great alternative to a traditional Hen party!



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