Baths, Bumps and Berries…


After a few weeks of not getting a huge amount bigger last week I seemed to have a massive growth spurt and all of sudden things have become much more difficult.  Last night was the first time I had to ask Andrew to help me tie up my shoes!!

With my growing size I have noticed that tasks which were normally easy are becoming much more challenging.  I am not as in tune with my body and  the sudden changes have thrown me off-balance, literally.   I don’t feel I have control over which direction my body is going . Just yesterday I tried to get up on the sofa and accidentally kneed the arm which left me with sore friction burn.  So lots more bumps I think over the next few weeks!

Strangely, my running hasn’t been impacted – while I am finding my walking has turned into waddling my running is still ok i’m just slowing down a lot more.  I also get a lot stiffer after my short and slow runs but have been enjoying nice warm baths to relax my muscles afterwards which is a bonus!


This week I am really looking forward to having Friday off.  Mum is planning our trip to Cairnie Fruit Farm to get some fresh berries and maybe a homemade soup.  

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