Hayfever, Heat and Happy Days

What an amazing weekend.  I don’t work on Fridays so kicked the weekend off with a day with Mum dress and baby shopping – what a fabulous day.  I hadn’t slept the night before (you can find out more about sleeping troubles in pregnancy here )  so it was an early night and maybe a few tears when I couldn’t find the vegetables I wanted on our weekly food shop!!


Saturday was an amazing day, my best friends threw me a wonderful baby shower full of fun games and plenty of beautiful gifts and amazing vegan cakes made by Jilly and Lorraine  – we are very lucky!


We spent Sunday mostly with my Mum and Lithy in the garden and managed to get a wee bit sun-burnt – which is not very clever I know.  Although we had a lovely morning and afternoon with a great picnic outside, I admit I really am struggling with this heat.  I never thought I would wish  for cooler weather but it has been unusually hot, and with bulging eyes from hay fever I was quite happy to have a relaxed evening in the flat with Andrew and Cloudi and another early night.


This week on the blog I will be talking about getting my home ready for the baby and finishing work.  You can follow what I I get up to in a day over on my Instagram stories.

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