Your “fit and healthy” campaign starts here…

Andrew and I had a great weekend celebrating the 50th birthday of his Aunt Susan with all of his family.  I enjoyed spa treatments and LOVED my massage.  It was really relaxing.

My toothache is slightly less and I am feeling relaxed and happy and looking forward to the next few weeks before the baby is due.  I don’t know how I will feel after the baby is born but I am determined to get back to running (haven’t actually stopped) and my daily workouts.

I don’t really think there is much difference in getting fit and health after a baby or before a wedding or for your 50th birthday or really for anything special.  It is just a case of planning what you are going to do, how you are you going to do and then perseverance and consistency in doing it.  That way you will see the amazing results you are looking for.

The trouble is many folk don’t know quite what to plan and how to plan.  That is why I am really excited about our new “Wedding Glow” package that we have created in conjunction with Dunbar Morley Associates and Weddings Andalucia.  You will spend an all inclusive, luxury  week with us, have one-to-one PT sessions, nutrition sessions and together we will design a personalised three month plan to kickstart your “wedding fit” campaign.  


You will stay in luxury accommodation, enjoy amazing Spanish cuisine, yoga and spa treatments and just have time to chill and plan with the the whole focus on you.  What could go wrong!?

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