Crieff, cooking and keeping cool…

What a fantastic weekend in Crieff celebrating Andrews Aunt’s 50th Birthday!  We spent the weekend with lots of family and enjoying a few short runs, some lovely walks and a relaxing pregnancy massage.  Exactly what we needed to reset our batteries!


This week is my second last week of work before I head off on maternity leave.  Andrew and I have been making lists of what still needs done before the baby’s arrival.  Top of my list is choosing some healthy and freezable meals to make so that we don’t need to worry about cooking too much in the first couple of weeks.  I have been scrolling through my favourite cookbooks – Deliciously Ella, The Vegan Pantry and Forks Over Knives Family.  Do you have any suggestions for easy, nutritious meals which taste just as good after freezing?

In the last couple of weeks it seems to me that the temperature in Scotland has soared and I have found the humidity difficult. At 34 weeks pregnant my body temperature is already up, so keeping cool has been a top priority.   

I managed to get a couple of maternity vests from New Look which have helped me keep a lot cooler and have been making sure I am drinking at least two litres of water every day for hydration.  This week I have also been enjoying some fresh icy drinks, if you are struggling in the heat try this:

1 Apple

1 Orange

1 Lemon

1 Handful of Frozen Raspberries




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