Wind, weekends and walks…


If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I don’t work Fridays which gives me a three day weekend, every weekend.  Its fantastic.  I usually spend Friday morning doing boring household jobs like a big hoover, cleaning the bathrooms, mopping floors and washing sheets which helps me to relax over the weekend in a clean and brushed up home!

This weekend is my last weekend before the end of work.  The start of maternity leave has come around fast and I am so excited to finish next week and put my feet up and enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy.


So,  Andrew and I have a relaxing couple of days planned before heading into work on Monday.  On Saturday mum has booked me in for a much needed haircut – what a fab gift!  The salon is across the Bridge so we are planning a longer walk afterwards although it’s going to be windy!  Then it will be home for a nap and a late lunch and an evening chilling out together.  We have a few bigger jobs to do round the house, including a complete clear out of the airing cupboard (EEK!) so that will keep us busy on Sunday along with our usual runs and walks.

To see what we get up to, follow my Instagram stories!

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