Just a thought…

Anyone owning a pet of any sort knows that they have to feed their animal with specific foods.  That’s obviously because the nutritional needs of say a guinea pig are quite different to that of say a horse.  Not just in quantity of course but in the nutrient make up of what the different foods offer each species.  

Mother’s milk is also for example species specific.  So cow’s milk is ideal for cows and goats milk is just dandy for goats.  Both are uniquely custom formulated just for those specific species.  Just as human milk is great for human babies.

Cloudi doesn’t want my milk or a cows milk!

So don’t believe marketing hype that cow’s milk will ensure your wee ones are going to grow big and strong by drinking it up.  You will be filling them with antibiotics, encouraging a dishonest and greedy industry and storing up health problems for them in the future.

Side note:  Mum was reading an article in a running mag about the pro’s and con’s of milk and milk products like yogurt and cheese yesterday and the conclusion of the article seems to be reduce and be cautious.  Really?  I don’t think I am going to be “cautious” about introducing animal products that could cause such a range of ill health to my new baby any more than I am going to introduce added sugars or alcohol!

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