Boiling dogs alive – can it get much worse?

By now you have probably heard about or seen the grotesque footage of a dog being boiled alive in a Wok in China while people in the crowd watch and  laugh.  I haven’t been able to watch the footage myself but after reading an article I am horrified by this inexplicably cruel act.  The animal must have suffered greatly in the last hour of its life- which is the time predicted it would have taken for the dog to become unconscious.

However, while, like most of you I am shocked at this treatment it makes me even angrier that people are so outraged at this treatment but not at the treatment of the food on your plate.  Unless you have been living on another planet you will know of the cruel meat and dairy industry and the awful pain which is inflicted on other animals on a daily basis.  I urge you to look at how your meat, eggs, milk, fish and cheese ends up on your plate and ask:  am I really  so different to those consuming dog meat in China?

If you truly are content with paying for the on going suffering of farm animals for a piece of meat then please do not feel outrage at other countries practices which are equally as cruel as here in Britain.  All animals feel pain not just dogs.

If like me you find this horrific please take a look at what goes on in slaughterhouses.





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