Have you seen the latest KFC advert?

I have, and it is disturbing!  

This advert consists of footage of a chicken walking around in a somewhat heroic and movie-esque fashion – with movie effects including smoke and some empowering music.  Of course for KFC, a fast food chain which mainly serves up deep fried chicken, the scene which is depicted in this ad is not only only a complete fabrication of the life that KFC chickens lead but it also appears to glorify the conditions of their chickens.

The chickens in the advert appear to have a lovely spacious home, clearly something which would be completely foreign to the millions of KFC chickens across the globe, estimated to live with around 34,000 per shed.  

Look, KFC and other fast food and supermarket brand chickens are kept in appalling conditions where they are routinely abused, killed and suffer horrifically with disease – If you don’t believe me check this out.

Further,  the advert ‘The Whole Chicken’ appears to imply something about using the whole chicken, so no waste perhaps and of course, the star of the movie looks super healthy.  However, we all know that this is not the case for chickens are pumped with antibiotics all of which end up in KFC family buckets.  

Additionally, although this advert is not claiming to promote health in KFC’S meals, the healthy looking, fleshy chicken could be seen as a healthy and nutritious meal.  However, on looking at the nutritional information on the KFC website we can see that just an extra crispy chicken breast and portion of potato wedges is going to set you back around 800 calories – without the sides and drink- check it out here.

So far the feedback on this latest ad campaign has been widely negative.  With the release of the new Netflix documentary ‘What The Health’ we are becoming more aware of the health and environmental impact that all meats including chicken are having on our quality and length of life.    

So, I ask you to imagine watching the same footage but with a puppy in place of the chicken – perhaps with an entertaining Andrex type video but imagine your disgust when the advert ends and you realise it was was for KFD (Kentucky Fried Dog) where you can get a battered dog leg for 99p and only 1300 calories.

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