Packing my hospital bag…

Collecting things for and packing my hospital bag has actually been one of the most fun tasks of pregnancy so far…all of a sudden becoming a Mum feels real and in just days we will be putting our bags in the car and getting ready to meet our wee one for the first time.

I have followed various guides on what to pack for the hospital and some of the lists I have found make it sound like I am moving away and not heading a couple of miles to the hospital.  However, I have found the NHS guide to be the most useful- check it out here.

Here’s a short list of the essential items I have packed.

For the baby:

  1. Cellular Blanket
  2. Cardigan
  3. Clothes for going home in (including a hat and scratch mittens)
  4. Muslins
  5. Nappies
  6. Baby wipes

For me:

  1. Pyjamas
  2. Pack of string vests (M&S)
  3. Spare Underwear
  4. Comfortable socks
  5. A warm cardigan
  6. An outfit for going home (Comfortable bottoms and loose fitting tops)
  7. Food – this is really important I was lucky enough to have a range of Clif Bars sent to me to help me get through labour and keep my energy levels up!
  8. Drinks- Lots of water and some energy drinks

Here’s a wee peek of some of the things I have packed and ready to go …






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