Who is peddling the quackery?

Sometimes I just want to laugh out loud, I feel the laughter bubbling up and I think the sides of my belly will split and I laugh and laugh because I am immensely happy and joyful.   I am 40 weeks pregnant and finally getting some good sleep, Andrew and I have been so content preparing for our baby and I have maintained my health and well-being – I have even managed to run every one of my 40 weeks and … well it’s just blooming good on all fronts.

I started to bubble up in laughter reading an absurd article written by Dr Max Pemberton.  He is an “eating disorder specialist”.  However, I realised quickly that the absurdity which he is writing about is not at all funny because of his wilful confusion and conclusion that a “clean eating” diet which he seems to be suggesting is synonymous with a balanced plant based vegan diet is very bad indeed and he has come “to dread” the phrase “clean eating”.  

Dr Pemberton claims that a plant based diet leaves his patients lacking in nutrients and prone to a whole lot of horrible diseases and he cites the case of one of his patients as an example of this.  Writing about her emancipated body he says: “her face is so sunken that she looks more like a cadaver than a human being.”

How to unravel that lot: the bunch of mixed messages and deliberate attempt to… what…scare parents, undermine young people, mix up the facts behind the science of food?  For heaven’s sake if you or anyone you care about is concerned about your health whether you are underweight or overweight, are diabetic or have high cholesterol, have a heart condition or cancer I don’t think this is the man to listen to.

There are a whole bunch of resources that you can research yourself – start of with our resources page because that’s where you will read good science and get seriously good examples of folk bursting with health. And also take a look at some of the Netflix documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Forks over Knifes and What the Health.

We are off to Carnie to pick Rasps and Strawberries and have fab cup of soup!

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