I’m back…

It’s a whole quick month since I last updated the faldaeats blog.  Why you might ask?  Well for those of you who didn’t know Andrew and I had a beautiful baby girl who is totally thriving and at just five weeks she is the bonniest, breast fed, vegan baby ever.  Okay so I am rose tinted, but seriously, she is wonderful!

This week the British Medical Journal published a study from Glasgow University that shows that diabetes can be put into remission.  And that by doing so a whole lot of associated consequences are dealt with including obesity, cardiovascular disease, amputations and of course massive savings for the NHS – an astounding £22 million a day (BBC)

So you can guess what I am going to say and repeat and repeat…get stuck into a new healthy lifestyle, lose some weight, enjoy some activity and do it all with a plant based diet so that you are high in nutrients and full to the brim.

Here I am back to running and tabata and almost pre baby weight.

Thank you for all your best wishes x

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